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We've Got Storage Space for You!

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We've Got Storage Space for You!

We Make Storage Hassle-Free

Whether you have sold your house and need household storage until your new home is ready, you need somewhere to securely store your company's growing inventory off-season or your new home is in the process of being built, Western Moving + Storage can help.

Our clean and secure facility is monitored 24 hours a day and can efficiently store personal belongings, office furniture, retail products or high-value items for any period of time. We offer a variety of storage options, including household storage, racked storage, oversized storage, skid storage, high value product storage, and most other household and business items!

Our storage facility reflects some of our important company values: cleanliness, safety, security and efficiency. No matter the duration of your stay, your goods will be safe at the Western Moving + Storage facility.

Use Our Local Facility for Short-Term and Long-Term Storage

Western Moving and Storage has a local storage facility that lets you store your belongings for as long as you want. The facility bestows several indisputable benefits:

If you have any reservations about storing your belongings with us, try it for yourself and drop in announced; you will find it to be secure, clean and organized. Just the kind of place you were looking for to store your household goods until the renovations are done!

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